The Fiddler

The Fiddler

Previous centuries witnessed the birth of a divine science, as well as the work of many masters trying to keep this knowledge away from reckless eyes. However, recently many seals have been broken. The ancient school began to teach openly once again, in an intense way.

The Fiddler proposes a meeting between the classic and the modern. It’s an answer to those who have judged the ancients as primitive and, above all, it’s an affirmation of man's natural power, the true sleeping Titan.

A beautiful mixture of fable, prose poems, and symbols of the old Art makes this work a truly alchemical romance.

An archetypal journey through the Body of Light - in a narration towards the mastery of the soul - it enchants the reader through the saga of Helio and his quest to save the village of Áurea from a terrible threat.


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